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The product is very well received and a great service

Convenient goodness

I love throwing one of these snack bars in my handbag everyday. Whenever the hungries hit, I can reach in and have an instant healthy snack to keep me going and prevent the temptation to choose whatever is available. Its great to know that they are packed full of protein and low in sugar.
The texture of the last batch was moister and far less crumbly than previously and easier to eat. That is a big improvement, keep it going.
I do find that I enjoy them best when I am having them together with a drink.
Overall it is a really great product that I will continue to enjoy.

Great Taste and Healthy

What a treat!!

Low carb, nourishing ingredients and absolutely delicious!! Win-win!!! Pairs perfectly with a afternoon coffee.


These were devoured. So tasty. I’m told by my kids, “the only problem with them is the bags don’t have enough in them”

Great introduction!

The starter packs are a great idea to try products without buying too much. Now I know what I prefer, I can order to my taste.

delicious and clean

These bars are really yummy, they have zero nasty ingredients which made them a great option for snacking. The only issue with them is that they crumble so easily that you have to eat them sitting down and having a plate underneath.

Tastes like cardboard

I really wanted to like these, for the health benefits they portray, but i found them to be tasteless and they get stuck in my teeth and on the roof of my mouth no matter how small a bite i take. I will finish the box i ordered but i wont buy anymore

How yummy are these!

Love the flavour and texture of the bars…having one with a coffee feels like I’m having a real treat!

Great treat for Carnivore diet people

This is the only manufactured food I've been able to find with full disclosure of ingredients and no ambiguous terms like "flavours" or "natural flavours" which are used to hide all sorts of evil.

They taste fantastic, no other "healthy" snack bar I've tried tastes as good and there is no awful sweetener after taste

I'm on the carnivore diet and these are mostly bovine collagen, technically you wouldn't have them but realistically they're close enough and they're still keto so unless you have serious health issues these are fine on the carnivore diet in my opinion and my goodness do they make life easier on that diet.

Lastly, every time I have dealt with this company is a pleasure, they exude competence in every area, they are genuine, they care and I absolutely love them.

Perfect protein

I really enjoyed the taster packer. It’s wonderful to finally have a healthy keto protein snack.

Chief Collagen Bars

A great find when looking for a mid morning snack post early morning workouts and being a type 2 diabetic following research on low carb eating - these bars are not only yum they are helping me achieve health goals.

Lemon zing

Great taste. Nice mid afternoon snack


Keep coming back because I love your products. The chilli beef bars are out of this world and the perfect pick me up when I’m out and about and need something to eat!

Loved the collagen bars

Loved the collagen bars, liked the biltong, was not a fan of the meat bars. I’ll definitely order the collagen bars again. When eaten with tahini they remind me of halva, which is one of my fave desserts

Love my Chief Collagen shortbread bars

These bars are so scrumptious, I have a stash in my drawer at work, ready to sustain me through a busy day or kill any cravings. Love that they’re made by a small Aussie co with the focus on health, nutrition and banishing any nasties from our snacks.

A bit different in a good way

They really are like eating a shortbread biscuit. Soft crumbly sort of texture. The only slight “issue” is that they stick to your teeth a little. But I’m happy to go with that because everything else about them is great.

Daily treat.

I look forward each day to my delicious collagen bar. It seems to fit in well to my keto diet. Only disappointment is that these bars are made from imported ingredients. In general I prefer to buy Australian grown food products.

Best flavour by far

Like a cookie but good for you

Chief bars

Totally awesome bars. Love the traditional and chilli. Delicious.

Best beef in a packet found anywhere!

Great.. wish you could get more than 4 in a box! Soft and tasty! Will be taking them out bush.

Mixed bag

I really wanted to love these. Who wouldn’t want to by an exclusively Aussi product! My review is mixed. The jerky is great and at a great price relative to what I have been buying in the grocery store. The protein bars were ok. One positive is that they are not covered in chocolate so they would pack well in hot weather. A bit crumbly.
The first beef bar shocked me a bit both in appearance and texture. Perhaps I could get used to this product over time. It seemed to me that these need to be refrigerated? Unique products and I’m sure I will be a repeat customer!!! So overall it’s a thumbs up from me👍


I found the cashew shortbread too oily, lemon is the best one out of them all.

Collagen Lemon Tart Bars

We love these bars, they taste great 👍

Superb Products

Have now tried all of the various products. I can’t find anything to fault on them, they taste incredible and fit in to my diabetic lifestyle. Keep up your excellent work guys.