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Best snack ever!

Low carbs, solid protein, great taste!

My favourite protein bars!

Chief collagen bars have become my new favourite go-to protein-packed snack that tastes just like eating a piece of shortbread! And I love that there's nothing to fear in the ingredients list - a protein bar that ticks all the boxes :)

Biltong Sampler - Delicious, high quality snacks!

Simply delicious! The biltong is much softer and easier to eat than traditional jerky and is made with quality ingredients. I have now gone on to buy a 12 pack of both flavours. The chilli flavour was not overly spicy which was great for me!

I don't like jerky, but I like Chief jerky

Never been a big fan of jerky. Had never actually managed to finish a bag off before Chief came along. Which is just a massive bonus on top of already loving Chiefs ethical and sustainable approach to snacks.


I like the peanut butter ones the best so far but I’ve only tried one other. Working my way through all of them. 😊 If I take them in my back pocket on a bike ride they do get a little crumbly but it’s not a big issue.

Chief Lemon Tarts

Love these and the brownie. Of course the shortbread is good too. Okay so I’m really enjoying them all with tea or coffee.

Awesome !

Great bar I use them after endurance training - sometimes during - I really notice the difference !


i tried these bars while traveling and these cashew shortbread bars are absolutely amazing. so much so i went online to buy direct since i couldn't find them in any stores where i love. love these, low sugar makes them even better with no fake crap. love em.

Just wasn't sealed up very well.

Starter Pack
Louise C.
Good flavour

Loved the flavour and convenience. The biltong bars were a little fibrous so wasn’t keen on the texture. Loved the protein bars and keep one in my bag.

Top Bar

Peanut's Bar is my favourite, great pleasant peanut taste.

Starter Pack
Matt L.

Starter Pack

Great Product

I bought the Traditional Beef Bars and was impressed with the quality of the dried beef, packaging, and flavour. I really enjoyed these once I got my head around what I purchased wasn't jerky but an alternative, but tasty meat snack.

I say I had to get my head around it because the first impression was "what have I bought?!". It's not salty, it has a unique flavour. It's not hard, or overly chewy, it has a soft texture which makes it really easy to eat.

And while it wasn't what I was looking for it certainly impressed me, I highly recommend them... unless you want biltong, in which case buy their biltong :)


This jerky is amazing, so tasty and of extremely high quality. Also I can't fault Chief's customer service, lovely people who go out of their way to help their customers. Thank you

Collagen Hazelnut Brownie bars

Wonderful! Incredibly nutritionally satisfying. Cant be without them. And amazing customer service too


Hazlenuts About Them!

The Chief Hazlenut low-sugar bars are the bomb. They taste yum (I like mine from the freezer), have zero nasties, and are a perfect afternoon snack. I may have eaten the 12 bars I ordered verrry quickly (ahem).

Lemon tart

These are my favourite, delicious not oily and are a great snack at work.

Beef and chilly bars

Awesome product, tasty and delicious, excellent quality, happy with purchase 🙂

Pretty good

The spicy meat bar is yummy but I don't see myself buying the product again as it's just a bit too expensive for me

I find them really delicious, which is unusual for a collagen bar. I even think I'm a bit addicted to them!

Delicious bars

I’ve ordered the Hazelnut collagen bars n referred them to friends as it’s so delicious n different from most health bars in the market ‘ if you haven’t tried them yet you need to order the sample box for a favourite !! I’m a repeat customer


You won’t be disappointed!! Great tasting and great service.

Definitely part of my kit for long days mountain biking

The flavours weren't exactly to my liking. I found the traditional beef a little too "burrito mix" flavour and I'm just not a big chilli fan, but this is just a personal preference thing, they are very edible!

It tastes NOTHING like jerky, it doesn't have that "rotten meat" flavour.

The Carbs are too high for me to eat as a day to day snack, but something that will definitely be part of my kit for long days mountain biking.


It’s great to be able to have a quick on the go snack that is both organic and from one of our highest nutrient-dense food sources!